World Book Day

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Mrs Linda Hastie, Headteacher of Hallglen Primary School, very kindly invited me along to their World Book Day this year. When I arrived, I was greeted by teachers and children who were all in fancy dress costumes to celebrate this special day. I had a very busy timetable, beginning at 0915 with Primary 2B and ending at 1400 with Primary 4/5 – 13 classes in total and 13 times reading my story The Forgetful Elephant – Phew!!! A lot of the children remembered me from my last visit to their school almost 2 years ago and many of them have a copy of my book.

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story to the children and answering their questions. So many of them are already aware of dementia and some even have a relative with this condition. I am always amazed by the questions they ask, even the very young ones. Yesterday, I was particularly touched by a question from a young boy in Primary 7 who asked me, “How did you feel when you found out that your Mum had dementia?” What a very thoughtful and grown-up question to ask at such a young age. My storytelling sessions ended at 2 o’clock, when it was time for parents and grandparents to arrive, meet up in the assembly hall, and read books to them. It was lovely to see them enjoying the stories and spending quality time together, something that I feel should happen much more often.

I set up my table with Ellie and her family on it, along with my bookmarks, new Ellie Memory Helper wristbands and books for sale. The wristbands were very popular and will now be worn by many children. This makes me so happy, because the message on them is Ellie Memory Helper: Have a little patience – something that is so important to remember if someone has dementia. I had a wonderful time and would like to say thank you to Mrs Hastie for organising such a lovely day, and making it a World Book Day to remember – I’m sure everyone enjoyed it.



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