Making Memories on the Train

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train1st Class Train To Newcastle

As our loved ones get older, I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to spend quality time with them, and make as many memories as we can. My Dad reached the wonderful age of 90 on the 24th January 2016, and my husband and I wanted to do something special to help him celebrate it. At that age there aren’t many material things that you need, so we decided that it would be nice to do something that he enjoyed and that he would remember for a long time to come. He loves trains, so we booked a 1st Class Virgin Train journey to Newcastle with lunch at The Vermont Hotel. He was absolutely thrilled to have his coffee and sandwich served to him at his table on the train and enjoyed the relaxing journey in the big comfy seats of the 1st Class Quiet Carriage.

Making Memories

When we arrived at the hotel, we were seated at a table which was covered in Happy Birthday confetti and had a lovely view over the Tyne Bridge. The food and service were wonderful, and after our meal, the staff presented him with a special Happy Birthday Cake Plate and sang Happy Birthday to him. He enjoyed a cup of tea and a teacake on the train journey home and had a wee snooze. When we arrived back home he thanked us repeatedly for giving him what he said was the perfect birthday present, and said that words couldn’t describe what a wonderful day he had had. I took some lovely photos of our outing and put together a collage which I framed and gave to him. It is sitting proudly on his mantelpiece and is a talking point with all of his visitors.

Robert and I thoroughly enjoyed the day as well, and it was so heartwarming for us both to see what a boost it had given my Dad.
Making someone happy isn’t about buying large, expensive gifts. The best gift of all for our elderly loved ones is just being there, spending time with them, and making memories which will last for the rest of their lives.

I’d love to hear what memorable gifts or days out you’ve given to your loved ones. Please share in the Comments below, or on my Facebook page

We’re now wondering what we can do for the next celebration. Suggestions welcome!

Wishing you happy times making memories,



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