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At the start of the year I was approached by Fiona Grant, one of the leaders of the 1st Reddingmuirhead Girls’ Brigade. Fiona is very interested in my Getting To Know You booklet. The girls will be learning about dementia this year, and Fiona thought that it would be beneficial if I talked to them about my work in reddingmuirhead girls' brigadeschools to raise children’s awareness of dementia.

I was delighted to meet them at their meeting on Wednesday 2nd March, where they were all very busy making a chocolate orange hand scrub and cards for Mother’s Day.

Getting to Know You

They were all excited to meet Ellie, Mrs Trunk and Grandpa Trunk and enjoyed hearing the story of The Forgetful Elephant. Just like I do on my school visits, I asked them questions about the story and gave them the opportunity to ask me questions about my book, and about dementia. They all knew what dementia is, and a few of them have a grandparent with the condition.

I also told them about the concept of my Getting To Know You booklet, and explained how important it is to communicate with our elders and find out as much as possible about them while we still can. The Brigade purchased 19 booklets, a copy for each of the girls, and asked me to sign each one, which of course I was delighted to do.

Reddingmuirhead Girls’ Brigade Supper Evening

In April they will be hosting a special Supper Evening where each girl will invite an elderly relative, friend or neighbour. After supper, they will sit with their guest and complete the booklet, finding out a little about their lives. It’s such a lovely idea, and a great opportunity for the children to hear the stories about life’s milestones, as they answer the questions in the activity booklet together. The girls are all really looking forward to it, and I’m quite sure that their elderly guests are also looking forward to spending a lovely evening sharing their memories with the youngsters, and receiving the memory journal as a gift once it’s completed.

Communication between the young and old is very important. Children can learn so much from their elders, and their elders will feel great joy from spending time sharing stories about when they were young.

Can you suggest more groups which could run an evening like this? Please contact me to arrange it.


Reddingmuirhead Girls’ Brigade Facebook page.


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