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Radio Interview at Central FM


I took Ellie with me today to Central FM, for my radio interview with Derek in the News Team to mark Dementia Awareness Week. I was a bit nervous to say the least, but didn’t have too much time to think about it. He asked me to sit down in front of the microphone and just started firing questions at me. Best way to do it I suppose.

Central FM first broadcast a snippet on the 8 o’clock news, and plan to feature more from the interview in various slots during the week, to highlight my work raising children’s awareness of dementia. They announced it as a news item on their website, and posted on their Twitter and Facebook. I was pleased to see many retweets, and I received an invitation to give a talk. Click this link to hear the full radio interview on the Media page.

I announced my Ellie Memory Helper Campaign which aims to raise children’s awareness of dementia in the community. I am planning Ellie Memory Helper Packs to provide children with an explanation about dementia using my story The Forgetful Elephant, activities for them to engage with the story and to generate discussion about it with their families and friends, and an activity booklet to complete together with people with dementia, or the elderly. I intend each Ellie Helper Pack to include:

  • an Ellie Memory Helper Certificate
  • a copy of The Forgetful Elephant book
  • an activity book based on The Forgetful Elephant
  • a booklet called Getting to Know You. I’ve designed this booklet for children to complete with the person who has dementia, or an elderly person in their lives, in order to capture memories of key milestones in life. While recording significant memories as a family legacy, it will also provide more detailed background information for carers to familiarise themselves with those they are caring for, to enhance the connection
  • a fridge magnet to provide a constant reminder about dementia, and to generate discussion within the family

All these will be supplied in a drawstring backpack with Ellie Memory Helper logo, which children can use to further raise awareness of dementia in the community.

During the interview I asked if anyone listening can help me with funding to enable me to take this idea forward. I will give sponsors a platform to promote their logo in the Ellie Memory Helper Pack, on my website and in my social media activity. All I can do now is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.



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