Making Children Aware of Dementia

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The Importance of Making Children Aware of Dementia   In all aspects of life it is easier to cope with something or someone if we know what the problem is. That also goes for coping with someone who has dementia. … Continued

Mother’s Day

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On Mother’s Day: Thank You Mum   This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day when we visit our Mums, give them gifts and thank them for everything that they do for us. I will visit my Mum on Sunday … Continued


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Dementia Affects the Whole Family When my Mum was diagnosed with dementia 5 years ago, I had no idea what the future held for our family. I had heard of dementia but I had never experienced having to deal with … Continued

Let’s Talk with Children

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Children understand more than we think . . .   When a relative or someone we are close to is diagnosed with dementia it can be very difficult to accept, especially for children. Dementia is very hard to understand for … Continued