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Irene Mackay’s Eighth Elliegrams Newsletter

Spring 2015







Welcome to my Elliegrams Newsletter, named after Ellie, the main character in my book The Forgetful Elephant.In this newsletter I share information and insights from around the world, to help us all cope better with living with dementia.

What a great start to 2015 for me and for Ellie. I received two book orders from Northern Ireland, a copy has gone to Alzheimer Scotland in Lewis and Harris – they are interested in using it to talk to the children in their area about dementia.  Also, a bookshop in Tavistock, Devon are interested in stocking it. I am delighted to see Ellie Sleepover Packs going out for children to enjoy. One has been posted to the 1st Glenanne Brownies in Armagh, Northern Ireland, and another hand-delivered to Hallglen Primary School, near where I live. I can’t wait to read about Ellie’s Adventures with the children.

You can find more about what I have been doing in Ellie’s News Update, and also on my website

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Remember “I Can’t Remember”

Shifting Your Paradigm

Reapproaching Dementia/Alzheimer’s

Eric and Heather Anderson

Read about Remember “I Cant Remember”HERE



My story The Forgetful Elephant is available on Amazon Kindle HERE, and in paperback through my WEBSITE It gently and respectfully explains dementia to young children, and suggests appropriate activities



Judy Southon, Ontario, Canada

See my interview with Judy HERE








Ellie’s Sleepover Adventures

with children from Airth Primary School


Friday 12th December 2014

I went home with Alesha today. Firstly we went to Alesha’s mummy’s house and got ready to go to her daddy’s house. Nic picked us up and we headed home. Alesha introduced me to her daddy and her dog Tyson and her baby brother Alfie, then she showed me around the house.

Saturday 13th December 2014

In the morning I helped Alesha to write her Christmas cards for all her friends at school. In the afternoon Alesha opened her Advent Calendar and shared the chocolate, which was a snowman, with me. In the evening, Alesha cuddled in to me and we watched the X Factor together.

Sunday 14th December 2014

It was far too cold to go outside today so Alesha and I spent the day inside in the warmth. Alesha showed me how to play the iPad and we watched some Christmas films.

Thank you for a lovely weekend Alesha.


Friday 9th January 2015

I went home with Robyn today. We were met in the playground by Robyn’s gran. When we got home, I met Robyn’s mum and dad and her cat called Rosie. She is very fluffy and friendly! Then we then got washed and changed and went out to Stirling for our dinner. It was yummy.

Saturday 10th January

Today we played with Robyn’s Lego and her Wii Fit Board. It started to snow in the afternoon. Robyn rushed outside to try and catch some snowflakes but it was too wet! Later on we decided to bake a cake. Robyn measured out all the ingredients for her mum. We mixed them together and her mum put it in the oven. We waited about 30 minutes and had some lovely chocolate chip cake.

Sunday 11th January

Today was a wet and windy day so we just pottered around the house getting ready for school on Monday.

Thank you for a lovely weekend Robyn.


Friday 16th January 2015

I went home with Sophie today and travelled to her house by taxi as she stays on a farm. Sophie’s mum made lasagne for tea which I thought was yummy. After tea we helped Sophie’s dad and we had fun on her quad bike.

Saturday 17th January 2015

We got up and had toast for breakfast and helped decorate Sophie’s brother John’s bedroom. It looked really nice when we finished it. At night for tea we went to The Beefeater.

Sunday 18th January 2015

I had a lazy day with Sophie. We watched TV and played on the Wii. In the afternoon we helped Sophie’s mum clean up.

Thank you for a lovely weekend Sophie.





LIFE is too short,hug a little longer,

love a little stronger,

forgive a little sooner,

and smile a little sweeter

Caroline Naoroji


The Forgetful Elephant BookSuch a great start to the year with books being sent to Northern Ireland, and a bookshop in Tavistock interested in stocking it. I have also been contacted by Alzheimer Scotland in Lewis and Harris. They are keen to use it to raise children’s awareness in their area. Copies of The Forgetful Elephant and my new booklet Getting To Know You have gone to Alzheimer Australia. They are setting up a campaign to talk to school children about dementia. If they like what I have sent them, they may include one or both in the pack that will be sent to their schools – fingers crossed!

Getting To Know You Booklet

I am delighted to launch my new booklet Getting To Know You on UK Mother’s Day, 15 March 2015. It will encourage children (of all ages – even adult children!) to have fun communicating with an elder, and recording their key memories. This is something that everyone can do with an  older person, even if they don’t have dementia. It can also be a valuable resource for Carers, who will be able to refer to it to find out about the person’s past, enthusiasms and preferences.

The activity booklet is due to be published on 15 March 2015, and is available from my website

Ellie Sleepover Pack

An Ellie Sleepover Pack order has gone to 1st Glenanne Brownies in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Another has gone to Hallglen Primary School, near my home. This year I intend to spend more time promoting these packs, since they are a fun way to share the story of The Forgetful Elephant and help raise awareness of dementia throughout the community. The Sleepover Packs are available through by website.

Rotary Club of Grangemouth

You may remember, I was invited to give a presentation about my book to the Rotary Club of Grangemouth last November. Every Christmas they have a Santa Float Collection, with the proceeds divided between local charities. I was delighted to hear from them,  advising me that this year my cause was chosen to be one of the beneficiaries. I was invited to The Lea Park Hotel on February 16th, to receive the cheque. This donation is very much appreciated and will help me to continue my work raising children’s awareness of dementia.

My Donation from sales of The Forgetful Elephant book

I am delighted to send a cheque for £156.00 to DSDC Northern Ireland, as a donation from sales of my book in the last quarter. They have been a great support over recent months, and have keenly embraced my book as a tool to educate children in Northern Ireland about dementia.

World Book Day

I have been invited to Hallglen Primary School on Thursday 5th March for their World Book Day, where I will read my story to the children, and meet their parents and grandparents. I look forward to telling you about it in my Summer Elliegrams Newlsetter.

Have A Little Patience Wristbands

In time for the Family Fun Day (details below) I’m having purple wristbands made in child and adult sizes printed with a charming Ellie image, Ellie Memory Helper and the important message: Have a Little Patience, taken from the poem on the back cover of The Forgetful Elephant. The wristbands are part of my Ellie Memory Helper Campaign to raise children’s awareness of Dementia.

The wristbands will be available from my website. Shops and organisations may order them to help with fundraising.

Family Fun Day

Dementia Havens, Eccles, Manchester

Joy Watson has young-onset dementia, and is now campaigning with her husband Tony to make the community more dementia-friendly. ‘Still Alice’, the moving new film featuring young-onset Alzheimer’s, and lead actress Julianne Moore’s success in winning the Oscar for her outstanding performance in the film, have opened doors for more media coverage for Joy and Tony’s work raising awareness of young-onset dementia.

They have kindly invited me to bring Ellie and her family to participate in their Family Fun Day event in Eccles on 28 March 2015.

I first met Joy and Tony at the Alzheimer Europe Conference last October, where Joy took a copy of my book The Forgetful Elephant to give to one of her grandchildren. I am looking forward to seeing them again, and to introducing them to my activity booklet Getting To Know You.

If you are in the Manchester area on Saturday 28 March 2015 please come along and help to spread the word.



Dementia: The One-Stop Guide

by Professor June Andrews, DSDC Stirling See Dementia: The One-Stop Guide Here






My cause Raising Children’s Awareness of Dementia – Irene Mackay is now set up on


Our first campaign is to raise £500 to publish the new activity booklet Getting To Know You It’s easy to donate funds for free – too good to miss! see the details below:
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I hope the free tips booklet you received when you subscribed to this newsletter was useful to you, or to someone you know who needs help and support, to help cope with living with dementia.Please share your ideas how we can work together to raise children’s awareness of dementia.

I welcome interview opportunities, guest blogs and any chance to promote my cause to more people.

I am offering sponsorship opportunities to help support my cause. My books and materials can also be used to raise money for your fundraising campaigns. Please contact me for more details:

I welcome all suggestions and ideas, to help improve quality of life for people with dementia, and their families.

Irene Mackay













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