Mother’s Day

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On Mother’s Day: Thank You Mum


This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day when we visit our Mums, give them gifts and thank them for everything that they do for us. I will visit my Mum on Sunday too, but unfortunately she won’t realise what day of the week it is, never mind that it is Mother’s Day. Her dementia has now deteriorated to the point where she can’t have a conversation with me, and that makes me really sad. When I visit her these days she seems to be in her own wee world, and I sometimes wonder if she can understand what I am saying to her. That doesn’t matter to me though, as I still talk to her and tell her what has been happening, and what I have been getting up to. That’s the thing with this condition, we just don’t know what people can or can’t understand, so for that reason we should never give up talking to someone who has dementia.

This Mother’s Day, I would like to honour my Mum by dedicating my new website to her, because in her own special way she has caused me to feel this passion that I now have for raising awareness of dementia, especially for the benefit of young children. I only wish that she was aware of what I am doing, and able to talk with me about it, and tell me what she thinks of it all.

Throughout her life my Mum has always been a very strong and very determined woman, and thankfully I seem to have inherited that from her. Despite the many knockbacks that I have had, and no doubt will continue to have, I am determined to carry on the work of promoting my book and giving talks to children to help remove the stigma that is attached to dementia, once and for all. Thanks Mum.


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