Mother’s Day Wish

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This week, while I was buying a Mother’s Day gift and card for my husband Robert’s mum, I couldn’t help feeling very sad as my own Mum is no longer here for me to celebrate Mother’s Day with. I miss her very much, sometimes more than others. Some nights when I can’t sleep, I lie and think about if I could have done more for her in her life, before and after her diagnosis of Vascular Dementia. I think I did the best I could, but my only regret is not actually telling her what a great Mum she was and thanking her for all that she did for me. So this Mother’s Day, I will be sending her this poem which I have written, and hope that she realises just how much I appreciated her.

mother's day wish


I wish I could talk to my Mum once more
There’s a lot I’d like to say
Things I should have told her
Before she passed away

I’d hold her hand and thank her
For always being there
For everything she gave me
Her time, her love, her care

I’d let her know that all the things
She taught me in my life
Prepared me for being an adult
And becoming someone’s wife

I’d acknowledge how determined
And strong she had to be
And make sure she knew how wonderful
A Mum she was to me

I know I showed my gratitude
In many other ways
But I still wish I had told her
What I’ve written here today

mother's day wish

Use Mother’s Day to Tell Them

It’s so easy to take our loved ones for granted; we do it every day without meaning to, expecting them to always be there. It’s not until you lose someone close to you that you understand the reality of no longer being able to simply pick up the phone and hear their voice, or pop round and have a cuppa and a blether with them. Mother’s Day is a reminder and an opportunity to spend more time with your elderly loved ones while you still can, and don’t be afraid to let them know what an important part they have played in your life.


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