Model Primary School

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Model Primary School in Derry


Some of the drawings of Ellie by children from Model Primary School











Sabrina, Donna, Leeann and me with children from Model Primary School


My trip to Northern Ireland started off with a visit to Model Primary School in Derry where I met up with Sabrina, Donna and Leeann from The Old Library Trust. I was introduced to the school Principal, Mr Sheridan who was delighted that his school was taking part in such a worthwhile project about raising children’s awareness of dementia. Before my visit, some of the children took part in a competition where they each drew a picture of Ellie doing something fun with her Grandpa. The drawings were fantastic and it must have been so hard for the girls from The Old Library Trust to pick the winners, who each received a beautiful bag full of goodies. No one lost out though, as each and every one of them received one of my bookmarks which they were delighted with.

The Old Library Trust also very kindly donated one of my Ellie Sleepover Packs to the school which they allowed me to present to the children. They were all thrilled to be able to get the chance to take Ellie and my book “The Forgetful Elephant” home with them to share with their family and friends.

I had the opportunity to read my book to the Nursery Class in the school which was wonderful. The average age of the children was 3 years old and I have to say that they all sat quietly and listened to the story and were able to answer my questions about it afterwards.

It is always a pleasure to visit schools and raise children’s awareness of dementia and to be able to give the children a chance to talk openly about it and ask as many questions as they like. It was an uplifting experience for me to see how my book has been embraced in Model Primary School and to see such interest and passion from the Principal, Mr Sheridan.

See this article in Derry Journal, 19 November 2014, celebrating 150 years of Model Primary School.



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