Memory Loss

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Memory Loss

Talked About in Forgetful Elephant visit to Uphall Primary School

When Irene came to my P2 class to share her cleverly written book, my children were very excited at the prospect of a visiting author.  Little did they realise that Irene would come fully prepared with fantastic puppets, just like the characters in her story!

During her visit Irene read to the children, showing them the beautiful illustrations as she read.  It was lovely to see the children so enthralled by Irene’s storytelling, and hear their intelligent questions and comments.

After listening to Irene read her story, the children drew their own pictures of Ellie and the other characters in the story to share with everyone.  The detail in their artwork demonstrated how well they had related to Irene’s story and how easily they had understood the concepts Irene was trying to convey.

Describing a person’s memory as a box and reminding children to be patient with others really struck a chord with the children, especially those who referred to people they knew who experienced memory loss.  The children’s questions and artwork demonstrated they could relate to the analogy of the memory as a box and had an understanding of how and why they should be patient with others.

I would fully recommend inviting Irene into your classroom to read her story about Ellie and her Grandpa.  Her session was engaging, entertaining and very touching.  As Irene has highlighted, it is important to expose children to the truth of the matter and gently encourage them to understand those affected by memory loss.

Karen Bennett-Palmer, Teacher, Uphall Primary School

Illustrations by members of P2 class

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