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I welcome opportunities to raise awareness of dementia in the media.

Central FM have kindly sent an unedited recording of my interview with Derek from their News Team, held on 19 May 2014. You can listen to it here:





“Raising Children’s Awareness of Dementia
Dementia is an extremely difficult subject to tackle with children and often
people will shy away from the topic. It is important that we explain dementia
to children in a way that is both direct and age appropriate. Irene MacKay has
written a beautiful book titled ‘The Forgetful Elephant’ which explains dementia to children ‘gently and respectfully, without making it frightening or too complicated’. You can read more about Irene’s work on her website, as well as links to other useful resources.”

Scottish Parent Teacher Council News Update, April 2015

Here is a selection of newspaper articles about past Ellie Sessions:


Falkirk Herald, May 2013

“ELEPHANTS FORGET: A Falkirk carer has written a book to explain the effects of dementia to young children. Irene Mackay, who has first hand experience of caring for someone with dementia, has written The Forgetful Elephant‘ to help children understand the condition, and how it can affect people in their lives. Irene said: ‘My mum was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia five years ago, and is now in a care home. In my job as a home support worker I also care for people with dementia. Having first-hand experience of dementia, I am very passionate about creating awareness of it, and I feel that it is just as important to educate young children as it is adults and older children. It explains dementia to young children in a way they can relate to without making it too complicated. Dementia  can affect the whole family, and it can be difficult to explain to a child why a grandparent or even a parent may be behaving differently. My book shows how even very young children can develop ways of maintaining their relationships with relatives who have some form of dementia.’ Our picture shows Irene reading the book to Drumbowie Primary pupils, Zoe Wallace, Irene Mackay, Jenna Murray and Fraser Henderson.”


West Lothian Courier, May 2013

“STORY TIME: Children’s author Irene Mackay visited Uphall Primary School recently to read from her new book. Irene entertained the children by reading excerpts from The Forgetful Elephant, which aims to help children understand what is happening if a family member has dementia. Irene, who lives in Falkirk, wrote the book after her mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia five years ago. Irene also works as a home support worker, and cares for people with dementia. She said:”I am very passionate about creating awareness about dementia. I feel it is just as important to educate young children as it is older children, hence the reason I have written this book.”

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