Making Children Aware of Dementia

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The Importance of Making Children Aware of Dementia


In all aspects of life it is easier to cope with something or someone if we know what the problem is. That also goes for coping with someone who has dementia. Once we are aware that our relative or loved one has dementia we can try to find different ways to cope to make it easier for us and for them. So what reason would we have for not making children aware of dementia, and making it easier for them to cope with it as well?

Once they know the reason for their relative’s behaviour it will be easier for them to understand and to talk about it. Encourage them to talk to their friends about it too, because they might know someone who has dementia, but have no one to share their feelings with. Together they may be able to find ways to cope with what is going on in their young lives.

Children learn from watching how adults cope with things in life. Seeing how their parents are handling the situation may help them to handle it better too. Explain to them that life isn’t always going to be a joy ride, and sometimes they will be faced with sad or difficult situations. Reassure them that it is alright to cry and be upset about things and  that these emotions can help us to get through the bad times. Give them plenty of reassurance that you will always be there whenever they need someone to talk to. Be honest with them and remember that, even for adults, sometimes all that we need is a simple explanation to help us understand and feel a whole lot better.


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