Norman McNamara Interview








May 2014

Norman ‘Norrms’ McNamara

Hiya, my name is Norrms Mc Namara and at the age of just 50 I was
diagnosed with Dementia. Since then I have campaigned long and hard to
improve life and services for those with dementia and their
carers/families. Please take a look at our website and my own personal
website, hope it helps, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Torbay Dementia Action Alliance

The Purple Angel

Q How did you come to be working in the field of dementia care?
A I was diagnosed myself with Dementia six years ago.

Q How are you raising awareness of dementia?
A By doing presentations all around the country about my dementia, I have written three books since my diagnosis, and appearing on TV and radio.

Q What is the most important reason for raising children’s awareness of dementia?
A Quite simply put, children are our future, they are the ones who will take forward the thoughts and the lessons about Dementia, the more they know, the less the stigma will be in the future.

Q What are your preferred resources, and how would you say we can educate young children about dementia?
A Face to face meetings with those who are well enough to talk to the children.

Q Have you read my book The Forgetful Elephant? Do you plan to incorporate it in your work?
A I mention it at conferences and presentations etc.

Q If you had a magic wand (and unlimited funds), how would you raise awareness of dementia in the community?
A If I had a magic wand I would banish dementia forever!! Apart from that, will just keep on doing what we are doing with the Purple Angel campaign.

Q What sources of information and research about dementia do you follow?
A My life’s experience.

Q Which person or organisation do you consider to be a world leader in dementia care?
A All carers, both paid and unpaid.

Q How can we work together to raise children’s awareness of dementia?
A By asking more people with early onset to take lessons and assemblies just like I have done in the past.

Thank you Norrms for your insight. Wishing you all the very best with your campaign, and I’ll be happy to work with you however possible to raise children’s awareness of dementia.



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