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The Forgetful Elephant eBook is Out!


First published in print in 2012, The Forgetful Elephant eBook, explaining dementia to young children is now out on Amazon Kindle.

Click the button on The Forgetful Elephant page to see details of the eBook, look inside and buy.


If you don’t have a Kindle or similar device you can download a FREE APP HERE, enabling you to read eBooks on your phone, tablet or computer.

Please post your reviews on Amazon and help us to share the news that this book is now available as an eBook.

And please share your experiences of using the book to help raise awareness of dementia.

I hope you have fun reading the story!


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4 Responses

  1. Joe Hickey

    Irene, The Forgetful Elephant book is fantastic as is the website and the work you do in promoting Dementia awareness. Keep up the good work ! regards, Joe.

    • Irene Mackay

      Thanks Joe. It’s great having people like you who support me in what I’m doing. Glad you like the new website.

  2. Irene Mackay

    Hi Diane. What a lovely and very touching comment – thank you so much. It’s a great feeling to know that my book has helped explain this illness to a child and I hope it will continue to help other families who are having to cope with someone who has dementia.

  3. Diane Niblo

    Irene’s book helped me to explain to my son, who was 8 when his Grandpa got noticeably worse with dementia, in a way I could never have explained to him. Through tears, mine and his, the story was so touching, but simple for a child to understand. He also helped his grandpa with lots of tasks and even gave me rows if I was impatient with my dad, or spoke to him like a child! He just accepts that’s how his grandpa is now and gets on with it. Dad’s been in a care home for over a year, and when we visit, my son, now 12, tells ME not to cry, and tells his grandpa stories of all the things they did together before. I can’t read the poem on the back of Irene’s book for crying, but it’s so lovely.. and true. My dad’s illness has taken its toll on my mum too, so please buy Irene’s book and help other families living with this awful disease. xx

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