Ellie’s Song

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I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Northern Ireland where one of the many highlights was visiting Saint Cecilia’s College in Derry. The school has been working with The Old Library Trust in Derry and the Dementia Services Development Centre Northern Ireland to gain a better understanding of dementia. It was encouraging to see how the School Principal, Mrs Martine Mulhern, was so enthusiastic about the whole project. I only wish all Principals and Head Teachers shared her passion.

During my visit to their school pupils performed a series of short plays where they acted out what it may be like for families coping with dementia. I have to say that the acting was impressive, and the performances movingly portrayed what someone with dementia and their family could be going through.

The school also ran a competition where six of the classes wrote a Song For Ellie, and I was honoured to be one of the judges selecting an overall winner. It was very difficult to choose one, because they were all very good, and as far as I’m concerned the effort and thought they put into their songs makes them all winners.

We chose the winner for the important message of acceptance conveyed by the words of the song. The girls will now be going into their recording studio, and they promised to send me the final version to publish on my website so that everyone can enjoy listening to it. Meanwhile the video recorded there is on my Facebook page, and here are the words of the winning song:


Ellie’s Song


Grandad’s mind is a broken box

But Ellie still loves him lots and lots


He would run a mile, to make Ellie smile


Ellie wants to be kind, to help her Grandad’s mind


His mind is mixed, but it can’t be fixed


Grandad gets confused sometimes, but Ellie thinks he’s fine!


An elephant-sized Thank You to the girls and staff at St Cecilia’s College for the sensitive and respectful treatment of this Ellie Memory Helper project to help raise children’s awareness of dementia.


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