A few years ago I had the idea to create a calendar to help raise awareness of dementia. My New Year Resolution for 2017 was to shake myself and do something about it. So, at the start of the year I contacted my wonderful and talented illustrator, Barbara Dessi. I’m now delighted to be able to tell you all about my 2018 Calendar.

The concept of the calendar is to remind everyone not to take away the independence of a loved one who has dementia. We should recognise what they can still do and help them to function independently for as long as possible. It’s all too easy to try to take over, and do things for your loved one. We think that we are making it easier for them and getting the task done quicker. We really need to “have a little patience” as Ellie’s poem says, and allow them to perform some simple tasks. As a result, they will feel more involved.

The calendar is A4 in size, with 2 months to a page and comes in a cellophane wrapper. Barbara has designed 6 beautiful new illustrations. Also, each page has text reminding us what someone with dementia can still do. Barbara completed the 6 new sketches by the end of May, and I have the first batch of calendars available now.

I have contacted many organisations through my social media activity, with the vast majority of them showing a huge interest. One particular organisation in America is interested in buying a large quantity to give as a gift to clients and carers, which I think is a lovely idea.

As you know, raising awareness of dementia is very close to my heart, and while my campaign aims to raise children’s awareness of dementia, next year I want to raise everyone’s awareness through resources like this – after all, we are all children!

Ordering the 2018 Ellie Calendar

Ellie Calendars may ordered now, for delivery in the Autumn.

Calendars are A4 sized, 2 months to a page, and supplied in a cellophane wrapper.

All prices are in GBP £, with p&p for delivery in the UK.

Please contact me for delivery elsewhere, so I can quote the cost based on the quantity and destination.

After you click the Buy Now button for the appropriate quantity range, please enter the number of calendars you would like in the Quantity box.

Eg If you would like 8 calendars, choose the second button for 5-9 calendars, and enter 8 in the box for Quantity after you click that Buy Now button.

1-4 copies £6.00 each + £2.50 p&p

5-9 copies £5.75 each + £5.20 p&p

10-24 copies £5.50 each + £9.30 p&p

For orders of more than 24 calendars, please contact me for an additional discount.


1-4 Calendars (enter quantity in box)

5-9 Calendars (enter quantity in box)

10-24 Calendars (enter quantity in box)



Many thanks for your continued support.


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