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Dementia Affects the Whole Family

When my Mum was diagnosed with dementia 5 years ago, I had no idea what the future held for our family. I had heard of dementia but I had never experienced having to deal with anyone who had the condition. For me the diagnosis was the hardest part as I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to accept that my Mum was losing her mind and the affect that it was going to have on her. It did explain though the way she had been behaving recently especially towards me and I often feel that had I been more aware of the condition in general that I would have handled the way I behaved towards her a lot differently. Now, having first-hand experience of the condition, I am only too well aware of the affect it can have not just on the person who has dementia, but the whole family. Your whole way of thinking and behaving towards this person has to change and it can be very difficult and frustrating at times.
As a Carer of someone with dementia you will encounter many issues, some more difficult to deal with than others. It is important early on to learn how to cope and deal with these issues as your health and wellbeing is every bit as important if not more important than the person you are caring for. Don’t bottle things up inside and pretend that you are managing to deal with what is going on when you know that you aren’t. You will only become more anxious and stressed and make yourself ill. What use will you be then to the loved-one you are caring for? One of the best ways to deal with what you are experiencing is to communicate with others who are in the same situation as yourself. Communication amongst Carers is vital as it allows you to express & share your anxieties about what you are going through and together you may find new ways to cope.

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