DEED: Derry Engaging and Empowering Dementia

For the past few months The Old Library Trust in Derry, Northern Ireland has been working with their local Primary Schools to help raise children’s awareness of dementia using my book The Forgetful Elephant. They even have their very own “Ellie” who they take along to introduce to the children. The project is called DEED which stands for Derry Engaging & Empowering Dementia; they deliver it in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society.

Through DEED Ellie has tea with “Derry Ellie”

The night that we arrived in Derry, Sabrina and Donna from The Old Library Trust very kindly came to visit Ellie and me in our hotel. They brought “Derry Ellie” with them to introduce her to us. The two Ellies had their own little tea party as Sabrina, Donna and I chatted about the plans for the day ahead. It was going to be a very eventful day so we had lots to talk about.

I found out that as well as visiting Primary Schools in their area, the team is also engaged in a project with their local Secondary School, St Cecilia’s College. Some of the children come along every Thursday to the Healthy Living Centre at The Old Library Trust where there is a Memory Club for people with dementia. They are able to interact with those who have dementia, which helps to give them a better understanding of the condition.

DEED is a wonderful project which is working towards a goal we would all like to see: a truly dementia-friendly community, leading to a dementia-friendly society. (See this article in Derry Journal with Derry Mayor Cllr. Martin Reilly pictured at the launch of DEED Dementia Awareness Week).

To find out more you can follow them on:

DEED Facebook

The Old Library Trust Twitter

We have lots of ideas for more cooperation in the future to raise children’s awareness of dementia. I look forward to working with the DEED team, and to supporting their projects.

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