Communication is Vital

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but today’s society seems to have lost the ability to communicate, especially the younger generation. Instead they choose to be glued to their mobile phones or other mobile devices. I was out walking with my husband Robert recently, hand in hand and chatting as we like to do, and we passed a young couple who were also out for a walk. There was no connection between them, no closeness, no conversation whatsoever, as each of them had a mobile phone, which neither seemed able to stop looking at. We also passed someone pushing a buggy with one hand and texting with the other hand. It seems that the mobile device was more important than spending time talking to their child. I often think how sad it is that the majority of people these days just can’t seem to live without these mobile devices, which seem to be like a lifeline to them.

Communication is so important in our lives. It’s how we learn things about life, and about one another. It is important for our younger generation to talk to their parents and grandparents and learn about their lives. That is why I have produced my latest booklet Getting To Know You to encourage children to do just that. It is a fun activity for children of all ages to interact with their elders and record their memories, whether they have dementia or not. Not only will children enjoy hearing about their elders’ lives, but the older person sharing their memories will also enjoy thinking back to those times as they share them with their loved ones. The booklet can also prove to be a valuable resource in the future for Carers to refer to, should someone develop dementia later in their life.

Communication is and always will be an important part of our lives, and it is especially important if someone has dementia. We have to keep talking to them, even if we think they can’t understand what we are saying, or if they can’t take part in the conversation. So let’s encourage our children to play a part in this as well and teach them the importance of communicating with people, especially their grandparents, rather than spending their time glued to a mobile device.

The Getting To Know You activity booklet is due for publication on 6th March 2015. It will be available for sale from my website from tomorrow 17th February 2015.

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