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Children understand more than we think . . .


When a relative or someone we are close to is diagnosed with dementia it can be very difficult to accept, especially for children. Dementia is very hard to understand for us grown-ups, so can you imagine what it must be like for a child to try to understand why their grandparents are behaving the way they are. I am a great believer that we should talk to the children about this condition, to give them some sort of explanation, and not just blame the change of behaviour on old age. In my experience of giving talks about my book The Forgetful Elephant to Primary School children, I can tell you that they know and understand a lot more than we give them credit for.


See some frequently asked questions and answers from children at my Ellie Sessions on the Questions page.

See the Events page for details about Ellie Sessions based on The Forgetful Elephant to raise awareness about dementia, and how to talk to children about it.

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  1. Irene Mackay

    Thanks Heather. It’s so important to explain things to children but not always easy. I just hope my book will make it a bit easier.

  2. Heather Urbanczyk

    This is so interesting, I wish you had written your book when my mother-in-law was admitted to hospital. She literally changed overnight! My son could not understand it and was frightened to visit my dad when he was admitted years later – just in case grandad doesn’t know me! He is now 24 and still talks about it! Your book would have been so helpful. Good luck with your venture I’m sure your mum would be so proud of you.
    Be well. Heather

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