Bridge of Allan 2015

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Bridge of Allan Contemporary Arts Festival 2015

Earlier this year a good friend of mine told me about the Bridge of Allan Contemporary Arts Festival, and said that he would again be attending in November. My friend suggested that I should apply to host a stall at the event, which is held every year and is well-supported by the local community. I didn’t think I had any chance, since I don’t consider my work to be arty or crafty. However, I completed the application and, hey presto, it was accepted!

On the morning of the festival, it was absolutely pouring with rain and I didn’t expect many people to venture out. I also thought that people wouldn’t be interested in my little stall, given all the other beautiful art and craft stalls that would be there. How wrong I was on both counts!!

The church hall where I was based went like a fair from the minute the doors opened at 10am and carried on like that throughout the day. I can honestly say that I was overwhelmed by the interest shown in my stall and by the praise that people gave me regarding my work. My artist friend Paul, who had his stall next to mine, was “green with envy”, as he kept telling me, because there wasn’t so much interest shown in his work!

Success At Bridge of Allan Festival!

Most of the people who stopped to chat to me either had a relative with dementia, or knew someone who had dementia, and agreed that we should be educating children about it. I sold many copies of my book The Forgetful Elephant and a few copies of the Getting To Know You booklets as well. My Ellie Gift Sets were a huge success, with many people buying them as Christmas gifts. It’s always wonderful when people buy my books, greetings cards and other merchandise, because it helps me to carry on with my campaign. Most of the items are available to buy through my website. Even better is when people tell me how wonderful and necessary my campaign is. It lifts my spirits and makes all my effort feel worthwhile. The whole experience has given me something to think about regarding future art and craft fairs.

Ellie loves these events – can you recommend any others that we might attend?

I still have some stock of Ellie gifts and Season’s Greetings cards, and there’s still time for delivery. Would you like to order some? Click HERE

Bridge of Allan Contemporary Arts Festival


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