Alzheimer Europe Conference, Glasgow 2014

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Alzheimer Conference in the Crowne Plaza Hotel

I have had the most amazing two days at The Alzheimer Europe Conference which was held this year in The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow. It was lovely to meet so many wonderful people from many different countries who are all doing their best to raise awareness about dementia. There were some great poster presentations on both days, my own being on Wednesday 22nd, and I am pleased to say that it attracted an overwhelming amount of interest.

I took some books along to show people. On the Monday evening when I arrived home I was delighted to find that someone from Singapore had ordered 2 books on my website. I was even more delighted when at the Conference on Wednesday I met the ladies who had placed the order, and was able to give them the books in person.

It’s a small world indeed. I spoke with so many people who are interested in working with me to raise children’s awareness of dementia, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that good things will come from this. One lady I spoke with is a doctor of psychology at St Andrews University and thinks it is something the students there might be interested in taking on as a project.

I also spoke with two ladies from Alzheimer’s Slovenia who are very interested in translating my book in to Slovenian. In their country there is also a children’s book explaining dementia, so perhaps it could be translated into English and together we can help young children understand this condition using both books.

Throughout the morning I received many compliments about my display and the work that I am doing, which was very encouraging. I was so chuffed to learn that Dementia Elevator had tweeted “it has to be best poster presentation” at the Conference. I also received a lovely message on Facebook which reads: “My Mum has Alzheimer’s and was at the conference yesterday.  She brought back your book and I have just been reading it to my daughter with my Mum. It’s lovely. Thank you.”

Comments and messages like these make all my hard work so worthwhile, and increase my determination to raise as many children’s awareness of dementia as I possibly can.



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